Bold steps? There is a pattern. It allows you to keep making them.

At Bureau WO we assist our customers to make change happen using a unique mathematical perspective. This mathematical perspective has little to do with doing calculations. It has everything to do with deep understanding of the structure and patterns behind the complexity of change, based on decades of experience in disruptive projects.

1. Together with your team, we construct new horizons in a systematic and creative way, applying techniques from set theory and logic.

2. For these new horizons, we evaluate various value system changes by applying techniques from network theory and topology.

3. For these new value systems, we assist you to strategise cooperation scenarios with disruption partners in a radical new way, applying techniques from evolutionary game theory.

With these three steps you construct a new ecosystem and learn to understand where and how to play. And – very important – from then on, you will know how to stay ahead. And all that with a bold amount of change.

Start off easily by booking one of our workshops to learn the first step. No math knowledge needed: everyone within your team will stay connected and can contribute.

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